Midwestern Wanderlog

The Basics


Okay, photography basics.  This section covers groundwork stuff, mostly:

  • What kind of photographer do you want to be?  (And I don’t mean pro, amateur or dabbler – I’m talking about styles of photography, like Nature, Studio, Animal, Landscape, Night Sky.  That’s way more fun to talk about!)
  • Which camera might be best for you?
  • Bottom line, what equipment is really necessary?
  • Understanding how the camera works off the “Auto” setting
    1. Getting to know your owner’s manual
    2. ISO – what does it mean?
    3. Shutter Priority
    4. Aperture Priority
    5. Full Manual (OOOH!!)
  • Composition (And seriously, you could study this until the end of time and still not know all about it – how cool is that?)
  • And whatever else occurs to fertile imaginations!

So read on!  Enjoy!  Make comments and suggestions, and share YOUR favorite photographic stories!

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