Midwestern Wanderlog


Everyone needs something that’ll get them playing with their camera!  Whether it’s sunrises, walks in the woods, fallen leaves, kids, or critters, always be working on something.

Play daily.  IT’S HEALTHY!!

Oh, advice on how to come up with ideas for photography projects?  Hmmm…

  • What do you like to shoot?  I’ve got a wildflower book in progress, where I take pictures of the sprouts as they’re itty-bitty puller leaves, then go back again for the young stems, then the fully-leafed with flower buds, then the blooms, and then the dying back.  It’s a slow process, unfortunately; the township mower comes by occasionally, and then I have to start all over.  But it gets me out and walking regularly.
  • What do you want practice shooting?  I’m terrible at the panning technique.  So occasionally I’ll go out to the train tracks or the road and practice on the vehicles going by at speed.  I also need more practice with the different forms of light; direct, side light, backlit, and so on.
  • What’s hard for you to shoot?  Don’t like taking people shots?  (I don’t.  People are definitely not my thing.)  Go out to the park or stop by a school at recess – GET PERMISSION so the teachers don’t think you’re some kind of stalking creep! – and take motion shots.  Take silhouettes.  Play with your light balances.  Notice where the direct light might be too harsh and adjust either your camera or your position.
  • Play games with yourself.  Take your camera out for, say, two hours, and photograph as many colors as you can find.  Or just focus on one color, and get as many variations of it as possibly.  (Have you got any idea how many shades of brown there are in the world?)

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