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2016-10-22 – Colors and conversations

Ran into an extraordinary number of folks up on the Bluff this morning.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 7:06 AM
Sunrise: 7:36 AM
Daylight: 11 hrs, 38 min

T’was a chill morning, just above freezing.  Ivan was along for the walk since we’re heading out to Lanesboro to take in the fall colors directly after sunrise.  (It’s a bit more than an hour south.  Not terribly close to the Iowa border, and the town is neslted in a little valley beside a river. The roads are twisty and turney, so it ‘s a great motorcycle ride, too.  But the important bit today is that the colors should be peaking.)  For a while during the initial part of the walk (given the temperature), I was wondering if I shouldn’t have taken a shower this morning.  But I just couldn’t stomach the idea of wearing yesterday’s clothes all day today too.  And I can’t put on clean clothes when I can feel yesterday’s grunge on my skin.

Obsessive-compulsive?  Nah, not a bit of it.

Anyway.  There’s a Fall Color 5-10-15 mile run/walk that the group Friends of the Bluff put on that’s happening today.  So when we arrived at the parking area there were already cars there.  (And, fortunately, no workmen for Excel Energy.)  Don’t know if there’s an official start time to the event.  You’d think there would have to be, but why would that start time be before sunrise?  I didn’t recognize any of the folks I said hello to and exchanged a few sentences with, but I suspect they’re probably up there pretty regularly.  I’ve just never seen them.

It’s kind of strange to think that the Bluff has an entire day’s worth of life that I’m not privy to, even though I’m up there every sunrise – at least this year.  But had a few nice, if short, conversations.  On of those people had a plastic bag with him, and every time he sees a bit of trash, he picks it up to throw it away when he gets back home.  I think that’s an absolutely brilliant idea; maybe I should adopt it!

And I realized I’ve been walking past bittersweet berries this entire fall, every time I’ve taken the short path.  For some reason I saw them today instead of just brushing obliviously past.  They’re almost as bright an orange as my jacket.

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