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2016-10-05 – Hidden forces


Well, that there is a fine how-do-you-do!

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 6:45 AM
Sunrise: 7:14 AM
Daylight: 12 hrs, 28 min

Driving in this morning, I had left early in order to pick up a friend so that she could accompany me.  When she came along with me earlier in the year, it was a miserable rainy morning.  This morning was damp, but not raining like last time, so it would’ve been a good day for her to come along.

At least, it would’ve been if Little Bit had cooperated.  Little Bit is my S-10 pickup.  On the turn from the gravel road onto the tar, I was pulling away from the stop sign and suddenly there was a huge clunk! from underneath me.  Little Bit shuddered, the engine revved, and suddenly there was a whine from the transmission.  I turned around and headed back home, panicked at the thought that I might miss the sunrise and nervous at the thought I might have to drive my motorcycle on the damp pavement.  Decided to ask Jerry if I could borrow Blue, his F-150.

_mg_5177Along the way, I discovered Little Bit has no more reverse gear.

Jerry did let me borrow Blue, and said he’d take Little Bit to work rather than waiting until I got home and he could have Blue again.  Hopefully the parking lot where he works has spaces he can drive through forward.

You might think that this is a terrible thing to have happen, and I suppose from a certain perspective it could be viewed that way.


If I hadn’t been driving in early to pick up Maria, I might’ve been too late to go back and switch vehicles and still get to the hill on time.  And I do mean late late, as in “missing the sunrise” late and not my usual OCD oh-my-God-I’m-late-and-I’m-not-gonna-get-there-15-minutes-before-sunrise late.  And if not for Jerry’s generosity, I would’ve written the motorcycle in… and been caught in a short, but fierce rain.

So it all works out.


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