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2016-07-25 – Entrepreneur or wantrepreneur?


What a gorgeous morning!  The temperature dropped overnight to the high 60s, so I grabbed the lightest of my jackets back out of semi-retirement.  It feels good to be able to walk at a brisk pace without worrying about overheating.  The skies were absolutely clear other than a bit of a haze on the horizon, so it’s probably going to get up to the mid-80s over the course of the day, but the walk was enjoyable this morning.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 5:16 AM
Sunrise: 5:50 AM
Daylight: 16 hrs, 2 min

Cody felt it, too; he was far more energetic today than he has been the last couple.  He darted here and there, sniffing busily, as we were walking up.  On the eastern overlook itself, he spent some time investigating the spot where we both saw… something… dart through the grass.  Not sure what it was – maybe a squirrel, maybe a rabbit.

So recently a writer/publisher/graphic designer that I respect and admire very much wrote a blog post asking, “Are you a Wantrepreneur?”  Reading the post, I had to admit I was.  And for some time now I’ve been feeling frustrated about not making any headway into developing lines of income that will allow me to get back out of the regular job force.

_MG_2528Yesterday I took my first real step from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur.  Do you remember me talking about creating a line of T-shirts based on this sunrise project?  (Yes, exactly:  Talking about it.)  I have the ideas; I have the basic design in my head; I have the tools (Lightroom, Photoshop, the internet, a video of step-by-step instructions courtesy of Kristen Joy).  What’s been stopping me is the lack of a storefront name I could create an account with on TeePublic, because I had no idea what kind of a brand I wanted to create.

And yesterday, that seemed like such a stupid excuse for inaction.  So I made up a name, created a storefront on TeePublic, and sketched out a custom logo and header to use.  Later this week I’ll introduce you to my T-shirts!

_MG_2523See, the thing about names and branding and logos… they change over time.  The brand develops.  The name becomes one more suitable to the niche and target audience.  The creator develops skill and wants to reflect that in the logo.  So what possible reason could there be for shying away from getting started?

Sure, maybe it’ll be a bit stupid at first – or at least feel that way.  Definitely I won’t ‘get it right’ the first time.  But it’ll be out there.

And that’s kind of the important thing, you know?

Panoramic 207

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