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2016-05-20 – Bland morning, pretty birds

So, wearing my light tennis shoes, and I’m also just late enough I need to go rock climbing.  Sigh.  Stopped by Bobbie’s on the way here, but there were no lights on at the house, and I’m just not comfortable going up and knocking on the door if the whole family is still asleep.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 5:03 AM
Sunrise: 5:38 AM
Daylight: 16 hrs, 9 min

The trains were singing again while I was walking.  I was noticing yesterday, how the echoes in the river valley can make one train sound like two.  It seems to be related to how dissonant the horn is; an attention-getting technique, I’m certain.  But from a ways away and a few hundred feet above, it can sound like two trains approaching the same intersection.

Gave some brief thought to riding the motorcycle in today.  But 55 degrees Fahrenheit at sixty miles per hour is awfully cold.  And I still haven’t worked out how to strap the tripod to the cycle.  So, no riding today.  Double sigh.

Not much color today.  The clouds were few and thin and not in the right position anyway.  But it was still a lovely morning.  The birds in particular were incredibly talky.  The Eastern Towhee was singing his little heart out, and he was even posing for the camera!  Got a few nice shots of him before he flew into the clump of sumac and disappeared from sight.

Did I tell you, they’re ground nesters?  They don’t actually spend much time high up in the trees, from what I’ve read.  More low bushes and branches.  And if you can spot them on the ground, you might see them hopping backwards, scraping the ground with both feet to expose bugs and worms and the like.

And I’ve a new bird to research!  A small greyish one, with a slim outline and a forked tail.  I’ll let you know what I come up with!

2 thoughts on “2016-05-20 – Bland morning, pretty birds

  1. Cathy

    Your pictures – sigh . . . This is my favorite place in the whole world. The eastern/southern end of the bluff looking down river. I need to get back there. It will always be home. Thank you for letting me get there via the net in the meantime. Beautiful shots!

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