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2016-01-31 – Hard part’s over

7:31:23 AM 1.0 seconds at f/22 on ISO 100

7:31:23 AM
1.0 seconds at f/22 on ISO 100

Seen the movie “Kill Bill?”  Specifically, the scene where The Bride has just woken up from her four-year coma, unable to move from the waist down.  Sitting up, she stares at her feet and says, “Wiggle your big toe.  Wiggle.  Your big.  Toe.”  When her big toe finally twitches, she tilts her head to one side and says, “Hard part’s over.”

_MG_5572That’s today.  Today marks a full month of getting up nearly two hours before sunrise, hauling myself by the scruff of my neck out of bed to get dressed, grab camera and tripod, and drive to Barn Bluff in order to hike over three-quarters of a mile up a hill in order to take pictures, some mornings, of nothing at all.

Hard part’s over.  And darn does it feel good!

So here’s the video of the first thirty-one days of dawns!

Since the sixteenth I’ve learned to take more than two photos for a panoramic.  And to straighten the horizons before putting them together!  Making those slight adjustments are getting easier and faster each day – one more plug for the benefits of practice, practice, practice!

Looking ahead to the coming months, the sunrise is going to get earlier and earlier – a minute, sometimes two, per day, right up until a couple-three weeks before the solstice in June; at that point, the other hard part will be over, and the days will start getting later instead of earlier.  It’s interesting when you look at it; the closer you are to either solstice, the less movement you see, both in the sun’s travel across the horizon and in length of daylight from day to day.  It’s kind of like a swinging pendulum, when you think about it.

Ooh – there’s a notion!  Maybe on each daily post I should rattle off the time stats – first light, sunrise, day length – so you can see the differences for yourself!  Wonder if I can do that in a sidebar…?

Panoramic 031

And just as a special treat…

A friend suggested that as I’m taking these sunrise photos, that I include a series where I put the same alignment mark over the top of the sun and show how the horizon moves under the sun – kind of the reverse of the panoramics, which show how the sun is moving.

2 thoughts on “2016-01-31 – Hard part’s over

  1. Leanne Overlander

    I love the videos and having the sunrise, set times everyday is a cool idea. Proud of you sticking it out. We’ve had some not so pleasant mornings and you still made it out to get pictures.

    1. Ellemar Post author

      Thanks so much! I was telling my mom just yesterday, twenty below didn’t stop me, six inches of snow didn’t stop me, the fact the bluff is steep hasn’t stopped me – pretty sure at this point nothing is going to! The hard part’s over! And I’m starting to enjoy putting videos together from the photos – it’s simpler than it seems.

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