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2016-01-27 – Take a deep breath, spread your wings, and jump


Ahhh, lovely sunshine!  Bask in the reddish-orange glow and delight in the radiance!  Play with the ight and color and rejoice that the clouds can’t conceal our life-giving orb every day of the year.

(There are times when I wonder peripherally if I might be prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Or maybe everyone is, and it’s just to varying degrees.)

It was such a lovely morning.  Windy driving in – had to be careful of the drifts – but the lower trail was sheltered from the breeze and so it was just the soft fluffy snow from yesterday and the mental quiet that goes with the morning walk.  The colors were coming in so wonderfully that it was the most natural thing in the world to stop, pull the camera out of its cushioned nest slung across my back, and capture everything that caught at my eye.

As I knelt in the snow, positioning the camera just so for a snap of pink streamers across the dark blue sky behind one of the most picturesque trees of the Bluff, from behind me came a curious series of sounds:

Crunch. Squeak.  Crunch. Squeak.  Crunch. Scrape, squeak.  Crunch. Squeak.

Turning, I beheld Bobbie, who had caught up to me!  How much more thrilling to be able to see an actual sunrise with a friend!

Bobbie was delighted, though the wind was fierce the longer we stood exposed to it on the eastern overlook.

Getting home, it had been such a wonderful morning that I pulled the camera out of the backpack to show Jerry the images, and he said, “I keep telling you that you need to make a calendar.”

Coincidentally enough…

7:35:44 AM 1/8 seconds at f/22 on ISO 100

7:35:44 AM
1/8 seconds at f/22 on ISO 100

Remember Picture Day?  Searching through the library, there are a lot of pictures in there of sunrises, sunsets, cloud formations and distant storms, rainbows.  And good photos are kind of like good stories; they’re better when shared.  Now, printing calendars for personal use or for gifts can be expensive, but if the photos are attractive enough to draw some attention, say, on social media, then it’s entirely possible a person could get their photography to help pay for itself, earn enough to upgrade a lens or camera body or buy a set of filters to play with.  Plus there are individual prints of various sizes and materials.

So, yeah.  Taking the plunge and starting to work on my Very First Photo Product:  Minnesota Skies, a 2017 wall calendar!  Now, there’s still a boatload of work to be done; research into which printing company would be best, seeing if enough people have enough interest to warrant printing more than five or ten for family and friends, selecting the photos that would best show off the Minnesota Skies throughout the entire year and then narrowing that field down to a mere twelve… which is why I’m getting started now!  I reckon if I jump on it soonest, I can have a calendar ready to go by June.

If you check out the Facebook page between now and April, you can even vote and help decide which pictures will go into the calendar!

Panoramic 027

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