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2016-01-26 – The weather won’t cooperate!


It was snowing this morning on the drive in to the Bluff; lovely big thick flakes softly falling to coat the ground with a brand-new fluffy white blanket.

At last!  At long last!  Today is the day to talk of photographing falling snow, experiment with aperture and shutter speed to get the stop-action poofs in front of the lens, then in the next photo make them disappear, and then see if it’s possible to create streaks moving across the lens on a diagonal, similar to slow-exposure rain photos!

_MG_5405Those of you who are at all familiar with the weather in the Midwest already know exactly what happened.

Yup.  The weather didn’t cooperate.  The snow tapered off during the walk to the eastern overlook, stopping almost entirely by the time the camera was set up and ready to capture.

Nature photographers… landscape photographers… night sky photographers… We all know that there are times (more often than not, to tell the truth), when the out-of-doors just won’t do what we want it to.  Clouds move in, or stubbornly refuse to move out; snow won’t appear on cue; rain keeps the animals under cover; a fierce, whipping wind blows leaves off the trees before they’ve gained the vibrant fall colors.

But it’s still okay.  Weather won’t cooperate?  Maybe not today, but there’ll come a time when it will.  And meanwhile this morning there were new animal tracks… poofy snow on grasses and dried-out seed pods… a bit of haze obscuring the horizon, making you wonder what lies beyond?  Come see!  And you just know that anyone who enjoys cross-country or downhill skiing is going to be in raptures today!

You know, and maybe if the clouds thin out a little, enough to let the sun’s light bleed through a bit, and the wind doesn’t stop blowing the new snow around, I can finally go out and capture that “Winter Desert” photo that I’ve been envisioning!

Panoramic 026

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