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Hello there, and welcome to the Midwestern Wanderlog!

If you’ve arrived here from Midwestern Wanderer, then you know that my introduction to photography was initially a supplement to collecting and relating stories stories from the Midwest.  It’s grown into a great deal more than a supplement, and even a hobby!  Truly, how better to record the contents of memory as they happen? And how better to have them in a form that you can put in a book and page through, recalling the events themselves and how you felt as you experienced them?

This site is about exactly that:  Collecting and recording memories; learning how to take good photos with whatever equipment you have to hand; developing a style and discovering ways to help the photography habit pay for itself.

So, a little bit about the organization here!  Down below is a listing of the most recent articles, sorted into the categories called out by the headers.  Up above, “The Basics” has (or will have) articles about creating a good exposure – aperture, shutter speed, ISO – and also posts you might be interested in if you’re thinking about taking up photography yourself, like choosing a camera or discovering what kind of a photographer you are.  “Projects!” covers ongoing activities – like 366 Sunrises, or Capturing the Northern Lights.

Read on, have fun, and feel free to share your own experiences and ideas!

 The basics  Ongoing projects  Supporting your habit

2016-03-10 – The importance of scheduling

"If you don't have it in writing, then it isn't real.  And if it isn't real, then it isn't going ...
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2016-03-06 – Above freezing? Wind chill isn’t a factor… is it?

Exciting day today!  Crawling out of bed and checking the weather in Red Wing, it was already above freezing and ...
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2016-02-28 – Cause and effect

When it comes down to it, the tripod is a simple and effective piece of technology.  Self-stabilizing with its three ...
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2016-02-14 – Filtering the clouds

6:21 and up the stairs we go.  Been doing this now for a month and a half - who would ...
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2016-02-05 – Sacrifice

It's an uncomfortable truth.  In a swirling world of conflicting needs, wants, desires, we have to prioritize.  We focus on ...
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2016-01-29 – Searching for a place to stand

Phenomenal color prior to the sunrise this morning.  Walking up while the skies are developing fierce golds, reds, light purples and ...
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2016-01-23 – Picture day!

It was a fine morning, with a giant red ball of a sun peeking through a thin gap in the ...
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2016-01-22 – Resolve what?

A word or two about resolution. Those who have been reading this blog for a while have no doubt taken ...
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2016-01-19 – Photographing frost

What a glorious morning. Though it didn't start out that way.  It started groggy and painful, with a ragged cough ...
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2016-01-16 – Learning new things

"Sunshine, sunshine, ladybugs awake!" (Points if you can tell me what show that's a quote from; extra-special BONUS points if ...
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2016-10-27 – Wonderful Wildlife

It was a gloomy day - not surprising, it's late October.  Which means it's almost November.  And I don't know ...
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2016-10-26 – A Fall Rain

The rain started last night, thrumming on the roof, gentle and rhythmic, soothing the tired mind into sleep.  It was ...
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2016-10-25 – Misunderstandings

I was at work until two this morning.  I'm not doing that again.  I can't keep that up and still ...
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2016-10-24 – Finding the unexpected

So, how often does it happen to you?  Those moments when what you expect changes what you actually see?  'Cause we're peculiar ...
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2016-10-23 – Challenges, again

Woke up this morning with fierce stomach cramps that ranged from uncomfortable to painful. Wasn't quite sure why, either.  Nothing ...
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2016-10-22 – Colors and conversations

Ran into an extraordinary number of folks up on the Bluff this morning. Sunrise Stats! First light: 7:06 AM Sunrise: 7:36 ...
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2016-10-21 – Pink fog and thin ice

Another groggy morning, so it was fitting that the air was blurred with a fine drifting mist.  (Mental fog, physical ...
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2016-10-20 – Self-sabotage revisited

There was an NSP energy truck parked in the regular parking area for the Bluff this morning when I arrived ...
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2016-10-19 – Fiery color… aaand it’s gone

There was color developing right along as I was driving in.  Down low on the horizon, a rich vivid red ...
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2016-10-18 – Clear skies, kind of

Tired groggy puppy today.  Got about three hours of sleep overnight.  It was raining all last night - I think ...
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2016-07-25 – Entrepreneur or wantrepreneur?

What a gorgeous morning!  The temperature dropped overnight to the high 60s, so I grabbed the lightest of my jackets ...
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2016-03-16 – An idea for supporting the photography habit

Some nice patterns in the clouds today.  Didn't see any color or glimpses of the sun, but it was still ...
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2016-01-27 – Take a deep breath, spread your wings, and jump

Ahhh, lovely sunshine!  Bask in the reddish-orange glow and delight in the radiance!  Play with the ight and color and ...
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2016-01-09 – You can find a way

I'd like to take a moment to talk to the fledgling photographers out there; you know who you are.  You're ...
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