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2016-10-25 – Misunderstandings

I was at work until two this morning.  I’m not doing that again.  I can’t keep that up and still be up here every morning, and this project is definitely the priority.  And apparently I also missed some lovely Auroras overnight.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 7:10 AM
Sunrise: 7:40 AM
Daylight: 11 hrs, 30 min

I will be glad when my time is my own again.  I will be glad when I can be solely a night person again.

And boy, howdy, will I be grateful when I rebuild enough independent income streams to support working from home full-time!  I am so tired of interpersonal friction and what results when people don’t make an effort to learn the whole story before reacting.  The whole reason I was at work until two was because my third-shift counterpart went home sick two nights ago, and was sent home last night because she’d been terminated for a “walk off.”  There’s a lot more to it, but it’s all based in miscommunication and misunderstanding and sheer unwillingness to consider another person’s point of view as being just as valid as a person’s own.

And it makes me tired.  For years I’ve coached myself to set my opinion and emotion aside so that I can see more clearly when I conflict with a coworker.  So I can see all points of view in this situation… which the participants don’t like.  I won’t choose sides… which the participants don’t like.  And I do my level best to merely listen when someone wants or needs to vent, instead of getting stuck in the middle explaining one person to the other and vice versa.  Nobody likes that, either.

And so much of the time it’s something so simple.  Usually a difference of opinion.  Sometimes it’s a personality conflict.  And generally there’s so much damage done by both sides by the time upper management calls a halt to it that one or the other has to find a different job or transfer departments.

And there I go, getting so privately wrapped up in the fight that I start focusing on the wrong things.  Fortunately, this morning’s presunrise pulled me out of my funk.  Have you ever seen anything so magnificent?

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