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2016-10-21 – Pink fog and thin ice

Another groggy morning, so it was fitting that the air was blurred with a fine drifting mist.  (Mental fog, physical fog, get it?)  And it was chilly; walking up, I was hoping that my blaze orange jacket was going to be equal to the temperature.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 7:05 AM
Sunrise: 7:34 AM
Daylight: 11 hrs, 41 min

I’ve been starting to wonder if I should go get myself checked out.  Lately as I walk I’ve been feeling some chest pains, and I’m always exhausted – though the fatigue has another explanation.  But those were the two main symptoms that Ivan noticed before his heart attack – noticed and dismissed.  On the other hand, it might easily be it’s just muscle soreness (I do manipulate metal blanks for a living, after all) and I’m just oversensitive after Ivan’s experience.

If I do continue to be bothered by aches within the ribcage, I’m going to wait until after the first of the year to get checked out.  If it is a problem, the doctors might insist on me getting it fixed immediately, and then I’d miss my sunrises.  And I can’t miss my sunrises!  Not now.  Today is number 295!

So in setting up the camera, I noticed what appeared to be a thin skin of ice forming on the water below.  It’s still too early for it, in my opinion.  But, it could be the dead of winter and I’d still think it was too early to be cold enough to freeze the river.  And truthfully, late October is right about the proper time for it.  The one good aspect is that it also means the year is winding to a close.  Soon, I’ll have to find a different project.

When the sun rose, the thin fog reflected the color of the skies, flaring pink and gold and being in magnificent in general.  I do love it when the morning sun pours like clover honey over the sleepy valley below!

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