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2016-10-18 – Clear skies, kind of

Tired groggy puppy today.  Got about three hours of sleep overnight.  It was raining all last night – I think I saw lightning coming home from work.  The skies cleared out a bit by this morning, except for the scattered showers to the north and some clouds to the east.  The waning gibbous moon made a nice picture above the Bluff.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 7:01 AM
Sunrise: 7:30 AM
Daylight: 11 hrs, 49 min

Yesterday was kind of one of those funny fall days – warm and humid by day, but once the sun goes down it gets cold, cold, cold.  Well, I’d left my flannel in Little Bit when I got to work – because it was too warm for a flannel – but by the time my shift ended, it was a cold walk back in short sleeves!

And of course the colder-weather wear does absolutely no good in the pickup.  And by the time you’re in the vehicle, you don’t really need it anymore.  Sigh.

So why the talk about yesterday?

Well, to get those shots of the most brilliant color, I went back down the goat trail… again.  And to get the pictures I did, I had to scuttle sideways on the hill, over grass-concealed and odd-sized rocks that turned or slid under my weight.  By the time I had the photos and was basically crawling back to the trail, I was covered in the stink of nervous sweat.

Sometimes being a photographer does not really lend itself to being sensible.  And a person should never say ‘never.’  Because as soon as you do, sure as fire the universe will make you eat your words by making it necessary for you to do what you swore never to do again.

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