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2016-10-17 – On again, off again

It is definitely fall in Minnesota.  How can I tell?  Because the temperature, she won’t stabilize. This morning was near 70° and humid again.  And do you know, even though that’s all kinds of uncomfortable during the summer, I kind of prefer that weather to the more frigid variety.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 7:00 AM
Sunrise: 7:29 AM
Daylight: 11 hrs, 52 min

Despite living in Minnesota for the bulk of my life, I am not truly a creature of the cold.  Though I will allow that to certain winter activities (like sledding and skiing) are a great deal of fun.

Mmmmm.  I bet you could get some great distance sledding down a hill like Barn Bluff.  Though I’m not entirely certain you could find a channel that would be safe enough to go down; there are an awful lot of trees with no room for a run-off ramp.

Some proto-color today.  It faded, then started to redevelop a bit.  And there was a barge moving upriver in the early light of the morning.  I am fond of my barges, though it is difficult to get a decent picture of one in the low light.  They’re moving, you know, and at a much faster clip than they appear to be.  That means you need the shutter speed up over 1/60.  And in order to have that fast of a shutter between first light and sunrise, you have to compensate with both higher ISO and  a wider aperture.  On the 30D, with as slow of a lens as I have (f/3.5 when at 18mm, but f/5.6 as soon as I zoom in past 50mm or so) that means the ISO gets turned up higher than the camera likes.  It does great tripod work, for sure, but anything in low light is grainy unless I can slow the shutter waaaaaaaay down.  And even then it’s questionable.

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But you know, in the full light of day, the 30D is brilliant!  And today was a perfect day to collect some shots of brilliant fall color!

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