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2016-10-12 – Unexpected shades of pink

Left the house late today.  I just did not want to drag myself out of bed this morning!  (I can’t wait until I’m free of my work contract with the factory, and then I can be out for both sunrise and sunset if I want to, and still get enough sleep!)  So, up the goat trail I went.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 6:53 AM
Sunrise: 6:23 AM
Daylight: 12 hrs, 7 min

Still driving Blue.  I miss Little Bit, and I’m not looking forward to getting another vehicle, but Jerry’s right; it’s really too old to fix.  And I had to park on a knoll near to the usual parking area; the folks from the city are routing new water drainage – you know, for rain runoff – but they’re having trouble locating a main that runs through the area.  They don’t want to damage the main, so it’s kind of important to pin down where it is!  (Had to talk to the guys to ask where a good place for me to park would be.)

The skies were contour-less clouds when I started, and I could see that it would be fierce windy up top.  There was no anticipation in my mind or heart as I headed up the trail.  Just a lot of thought about self-development.  Have you ever watched what you say, when you think to yourself?  I mean really keep close tabs on your own words?  So many of us would immediately dump any friend who spoke to us the way we speak to ourselves… yet when it’s internal dialogue, we tolerate the negativity, the put-downs, the lack of empathy or encouragement.

Kind of makes you think, doesn’t it?

The morning, I was focusing on how often I say “but” when I’m talking to myself.  I want to believe but…  Creating product out of my photos is important but…  I want to go back to writing my novels but…  See, the thing with using the transition word ‘but‘ is that it negates everything that came before it.  And what usually follows it is an excuse.  So I’ve been practicing replacing ‘but’ with ‘and.’  Using ‘and’ allows a person to rephrase the sentence in a way that keeps the power of choice within their own hands, instead of giving it up to circumstance.

And as I was working on each of my big ‘buts’ today, the skies developed cloud contour and color, startling the eye with vivd 3D images drifting down the river.

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