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2016-10-07 – You, too


Dedication and accomplishment are strange.  Oh, not the qualities themselves.  But the way we perceive them:  Commonplace while we’re in the middle of them, until someone points out how remarkable your dedication and accomplishment truly are; and commonplace, if they’re our own.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 6:47 AM
Sunrise: 7:17 AM
Daylight: 12 hrs, 22 min

This happened with a coworker yesterday.  She had only recently heard about the sunrise project and was full of amazement and praise.  She kept saying how remarkable it was, and how hard it must be to keep up with the project every single day.

And I told her, “It really isn’t.  Everyone, anyone, could do the same.  But you have to decide that you’re going to.”

Because it’s the decision that’s the important bit.  Once you’ve decided a certain thing is going to happen, it’s a done deal; all that remains is the completion of each day’s task that will lead to the end result you’ve decided on… which is where daily discipline – not so much dedication – comes in.

_mg_5222And everybody does it.  Really, they do.  I told my coworker the tale of the two false starts I had with this project last year, mostly because I hadn’t actually decided to do it yet.

And that caused her to recall her own dedication and accomplishment; finally getting her degree. Six years of part-time schooling as she was working full-time, but she achieved her goal…! once the timing was ‘right’ and she’d made the decision that it was going to happen.

And I said, “You see?  You’ve already done exactly what I’m doing now!”

So don’t make light of or dismiss your own dedication and accomplishment in the face of someone else’s; you – and your completed goals – are just as amazing, praiseworthy, and wonderful.


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