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2016-09-30 – Quiet morning

It was a lovely sunrise.  Not cloud-colorful, but vivid, with some fog in the valley to the east-southeast.  A barge pulled into the bank down near the power plant.  I got a couple of nice shots of tugs under the fiery rising sun reflecting off the billows from the stacks at the old NSP plant, too.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 6:39 AM
Sunrise: 7:08 AM
Daylight: 12 hrs, 43 min

Met up with some very nice ladies this morning.  Two were out on their weekly walk, enjoying the weather and sunrise and NO MOSQUITOES, joy!  They’d seen the Rochester Post-Bulletin article and were thrilled to find out I was the subject of it.  It’s embarrassing to be recognized that way, but it’s also kind of thrilling, you know?  The third was a newcomer to me, someone I hadn’t met before.  She’d been up since early.  I mean, I think of my activity as being an early morning wake-up call, but hers!

She’s from Minneiska, and she’d been up in the wee hours watching and taking pictures of the American Queen (an old-style riverboat that docks at Red Wing a few times a summer) going through Lock and Dam #5.  Then she came up to Barn Bluff for the sunrise.  She has the day off, she said, so next, she was heading up to – I think – International Park.  And frankly, if it’s the park I think it is, away up north, that’s an ambitious day for sure!

On the walk back, I took some photos of some more asters in bloom – and wouldn’t you know it, there was a wasp overnighting on the plant!  All covered in dew and not moving even a hair, I got to get pretty close without having to worry about getting stung.

And when I was sorting through the photos of the flowers, I realized that there was a second insect overnighting; probably a flower beetle.  The fun things you capture, sometimes without realizing it!

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