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2016-09-29 – Perfect view, no capture

Driving in this morning, pulled up to the stop sign where I go from the gravel road to the tar. Looked right, looked left, and then froze.  The moon was a perfectly visible dim desk with just the thinnest golden-orange line on the lower left quadrant.  Above the crescent moon was Venus shining bright in the dim predawn.  And both were cradled in a place where the country road led the eye between two hills.  So even in glancing casually, you couldn’t help but see the sight, and only that sight.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 6:38 AM
Sunrise: 7:07 AM
Daylight: 12 hrs, 46 min

I should have seized the moment, there on the road… the moment, and my camera.  Who cares if I haven’t had enough practice to capture it properly?  (Okay, yes, I do.  But late or not, I should have taken the time anyway and tried.  But I didn’t, so no capture to show off.  Not entirely certain I would have anyway; technically since I wouldn’t have been on the Bluff I couldn’t have included it in the project.)  Maybe that should be my project for next year; the changes in the moon.  It’s been impossible not to take note of it this year, since so often it leads the way into Red Wing, or glows behind me all the way to the overlook.

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Did you know that the word “planet” comes from the Greek word πλανήτης (planeta in Latin) and means “wanderer?”  The ancient Greeks who studied the skies thought of the moon as another planet, the only one close enough to see visible features.

Pity the world was already too bright by the time I got to the overlook to see the thin crescent anymore.

The reflections in the river this morning were absolutely magnificent.  The old NSP plant stacks were billowing upwards today, but they actually kind of added to the view, rather than detracting.  Beauty in the most unexpected ways!

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