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2016-09-28 – Worth it

Some days aren’t worth getting out of bed.  Sunrise number 272 was definitely a reason to drag myself out from under the warm and soothing underwater world of sleep, though.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 6:37 AM
Sunrise: 7:06 AM
Daylight: 12 hrs, 49 min

It was a warmer sunrise, all of 50° when I started the walk.  And with a nice breeze along the top of the ridge, it was a pleasant morning.  So today the long underwear wasn’t really necessary, and I was feeling a little overdressed for much of the morning.

On the other hand, it was kind of a clammy morning – it almost felt like it was going to start misting any moment.

Coming up the rock climbing shortcut path, the scent of fall teased at my nose.  It’s a kind of dusty smell, chill with undertones of dead and decaying leaves.  And yet moist, almost reminiscent of spring; a promise that nature gives, that though the world is winding down into sleep, greenery and new life will come again.

Kind of made me wonder.  I’ve been feeling so dragged-out lately.  A lot of that I’m sure is due to the mandatory overtime we’re putting in at work.  I’m in decent shape, but I’m nowhere near as resilient as I was in my twenties.  But how much of my fatigue is due to walking in step with natural rhythms?  In ordinary years I don’t pay much attention at all to when the sun rises and sets, or what the world around me is doing; this year, my entire year revolves around what the natural world is doing.  I suppose it’s only natural that my own body is moving in closer harmony to the seasonal changes.

As to why today was worth getting out of bed, well, I learned from yesterday.  I didn’t pack up the camera and leave just because I had my sunrise shots and my pillow and blankets were calling.  And I was rewarded by the most peculiar sight of the post-sunrise clouds – a lower layer, mind you! – reflecting a delightful greyish-pink!

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