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2016-09-27 – Waiting for no one

Sunrise is awe-inspiring.  A natural force, inexorable, majestically and inevitably moving at its measured pace.

And it waits for no one.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 6:35 AM
Sunrise: 7:04 AM
Daylight: 12 hrs, 52 min

This morning I arrived at the Bluff in plenty of time to take the long trail and have a leisurely morning walk. But for some reason I sat in the truck, pulled up the Facebook app on my phone and started scrolling.  By the time I looked up, it was already almost first light and I had to scramble up the rock-climbing goat trail to be to the overlook on time.

I didn’t miss the sunrise… but I did miss some of the color.  A reminder – as if I needed one – that all the excuses in the world won’t slow the sunrise.  You can be late for appointments with other people and be forgiven (or sometimes not).  Or miss your start time at work by a few minutes once or twice in a career and maybe get scolded.  But there are no second chances at a single natural event.

I made a second mistake today, too.  I packed up the camera too early.  I got focused on everything I had to get done today and how much I wanted to keep a sleep date with my pillow and blankets, and assumed that the show the skies were putting on was over.  Now, I did look over my shoulder as the light was changing, and saw the most beautiful pinks and golds.  So at least I was aware of the display behind me.  But then I made my third mistake of the morning.  I tried to capture the colors with my phone instead of immediately pulling the camera back out.  So I missed the lovely soft shades; what I eventually got was brighter, a bit harsher than what I’d seen.  Still pretty… but not the best of what I saw.

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