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2016-09-26 – Perception

It was a breezy, chill sunrise this morning on the Bluff.  I might need to switch to a slightly heavier jacket on these 50° mornings.  And soon, it’ll be time for longjohns and gloves and thick winter jackets too.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 6:34 AM
Sunrise: 7:03 AM
Daylight: 12 hrs, 55 min

But, hey, at least this morning I got to see the sun!  That can make up for any amount of discomfort with the temperature or the breeze.  (It’s moved a fair distance in the past week since equinox.)

And isn’t it always the truth, that how we see things affects how they affect us?  There have been 50° mornings before, and yet even though the breeze adds a new dimension, those other 50° mornings in the summer did not feel as chill as it did today.  And as I shivering, wishing for my long underwear, I had to ask myself; is it really that much colder, or do I just feel like it is?

Perception is everything, you know.  Kind of like that adage from Henry Ford:  “If you think you can do a thing, or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”  (I had a friend once who was habitually negative, both towards others and herself.  I remember trying to encourage her one day by quoting that line of Ford’s.  And she snapped, “You’re right, I am right!”  As though the point of the saying was about who was ‘right’ and not about how your perception affects your results.  So I decided to take the conversation as a lesson to myself of what not to do when I encounter obstacles.)

Fortunately there was a nearby oak tree for shelter against the western winds.  Small and spindly it is, but surprisingly effective at breaking the flow of the air and creating a cushion where I could stand and not be nearly as cold.  And doubly fortunately, the winds were not strong enough for me to need to worry about blowing the tripod over.

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