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2016-09-23 – Beauty everywhere

So the article came out yesterday!  I rather enjoyed reading it.  And for those who wish to travel the back roads through the eyes of John Weiss, here’s the link!

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 6:31 AM
Sunrise: 7:00 AM
Daylight: 13 hrs, 4 min

And do you know, that interview had an unexpected side benefit.  I started this project determined to collect every sunrise.  I had no real plans other than that – just finish the project I started.  Learn how to take photos of sunrises.  Watch the sun move across the horizon and back.  Share each day on this blog and maybe build a following of fellow enthusiasts – people who can learn from each other, and take joy in the fact.

During the year, that aim started to be… unsatisfying.  Directionless.  Until an offhand answer to one of John Wiess’ questions sparked a connection in my subconscious.  I probably phrased it badly to him… but showing people how pretty the world is seems to be part of what I’m here for.

The world is remarkable.  Lovely.  Gorgeous.  People miss seeing that, day after day.  There’s so much beauty, so often right under our noses, and we just don’t see it!  Sometimes it’s because we look at the same things every single day, and so we’ve lost the capacity to pay attention.  Sometimes it’s because we just don’t look up from our own lives long enough to notice.  We’re caught up in work, and stress, and the next task that needs doing.  And then there’s the electronic device addiction most of us have, staring at the screens of our tablets and smartphones.

Take today.  How many of you local Red Wing folks looked out the window and saw nothing but depressing featureless grey?  Because I saw the city lights reflecting off the clouds, pink shading to pearl, and no effect of the sunrise, I promise you.  I saw the height of the river, visibly up after the last few days of rain, changing the familiar contours of the shore.  I saw the river basin, full of maples and cottonwoods, which will soon be sharing brilliant color of their own.

Even on a grey morning the world is beautiful.

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