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2016-09-09 – Soggy but prepared


It was a dark and stormy night…

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 6:14 AM
Sunrise: 6:43 AM
Daylight: 13 hrs, 48 min

Heard the thunder growling and moving in when I woke up about four.  And the skies were offering a sound and light show on the drive in.  Now, since it seems that the lightning moves too far away or fades to nonextistence, what I maybe should do is allow some extra time on the drive in and set up the camera and tripod on the ridge along County road One to capture the lightning.

Or maybe I’ll do that next summer.

Of course, by then I’ll need to have developed that notion I had of a rain shade that can be attached to a tripod, raised, and angled so that the rain doesn’t hit the lens and yet won’t be in the shot.  Must protect electronics from moisture!

_mg_4346This morning, the winds were coming from the east, driven directly at the camera lens.  I’d had hopes of the rain tapering off to a light drizzle about dawn, but it was in vain.  The drizzle happened about fifteen minutes before sunrise; at sunrise, the rains were coming down larger, harder, and colder.  (The seasons are definitely turning.  Boy howdy, was getting pelted by that water chilly!)

You can compensate for it to a certain extent, though.  Open the aperture up as wide as it’ll go, and focus on an object in the distance.  Thataway, the camera is looking through the water which collects on the lens rather than at it.  And keep your lens cloth handy.  Doesn’t make too much sense to wipe the lens between each shot, but you can prevent it from building up such a thick layer that it causes refraction of the shot.


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