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2016-09-02 – Not brilliant


Lack of self-discipline is a problem.  For weeks now, the timing of sunrise has been moving more and more into a place where I could get a reasonable amount of sleep before waking to make the hike up the Bluff… only I don’t, because I don’t make myself go to bed within an hour of when I get home from work.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 6:05 AM
Sunrise: 6:35 AM
Daylight: 14 hrs, 10 min

Add to that the mandatory nine-hour work days, plus sketchy quality of sleep since Jerry’s surgery on Monday, plus needing to be available when Jerry needs to make a trip to the doctor, driving in this morning was borderline-dangerous.  It is not any kind of brilliant to be behind the wheel when you’re so groggy you start to nod off.

So it’s time to go back to my first lessons in self-discipline; deciding what my schedule is going to be.  Fortunately, I’m looking ahead at a long weekend where I can get that sorted, and set myself up to succeed for the rest of the year.

_MG_3867Gotta love Labor Day!

Kristen Joy (the Book Ninja – I’ve mentioned her before, I know) has said – and this is paraphrased – that employees look at Labor Day and think, Cool, a day to relax without work!  Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, think, Cool, a day to work without being bothered by anything else!  I’m pleased to say my reaction to Labor Day was the second, not the first!

Had a thought on the hike up the hill – maybe profound, maybe not.  Have you ever heard interviews or descriptions from marathon runners, when they talk about their run?  They’ll usually say something about a stage where they’re so tired – legs straining, lungs burning, vision blurring – that it’s only the habit of motion that keeps them going?  Right now, this month, I realized that’s kind of where I am on the project; terribly tired, yet so far invested I can’t stop, even if I could remember how to.

Sure, this project isn’t as physically demanding, but it’s still a long haul, and the principle remains.

Panoramic 246

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