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2016-08-31 – Two-thirds


Once in a while I play with the notion that the skies know exactly what I’m doing, and occasionally conspire to make a morning special.  Today seems to be one of those days, and given that it’s also a milestone, I would be just as pleased if they do know and they are conspiring.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 6:03 AM
Sunrise: 6:33 AM
Daylight: 14 hrs, 16 min

Today is sunrise number 244, which means that the project is two thirds of the way done.  And the morning could not have been more perfect!  Just chill enough to need a jacket plus flannel, clouds ideally positioned to show off color in all different shades of pink and oranges and golds, with everything above reflected in the river below.  The only downside was the visible plumes of vapor coming from the stacks of the old NSP plant down below.

How amazing is that?  (I genuinely believe that yes, the Powers That Be know exactly what I’m doing, and so yes, the skies are cooperating to show off on those significant milestones.  _mg_3806The universe is a friendlier place, when you imagine the complex and random as purposeful and aware of who you are and what’s important to you.)

Jerry got a decent sleep, I’m thinking – at least, he didn’t twitch too much throughout the night.  A good thing, too; those drainage tubes look awfully precariously situated.  And I really, truly hope I’m not being unreasonably confident that between Jerry and myself we can handle monitoring the drainage and recognize any untoward signs that crop up.

_mg_3764Stopped by the store today to stock up on healthy(er) foodstuffs.  I know darned well that Jerry’ll eat nothing but junk food if he’s given half a chance!  And I’m definitely carrying my phone with me on the production floor tonight with the volume turned up to maximum – the first week or so after a surgery usually has me fretting.  Jerry’s systems just don’t react the way a non-Marfan’s person’s does.  And if he starts a three-hour nosebleed, I’ll be dropping everything at work to take him in to the hospital.

I just hope he calls me instead of deciding to drive himself, in the event of something happening.  He’s stubborn that way.


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