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2016-08-29 – Surgery Day

Almost another month down.  Another two days, and I’m two-thirds of the way through.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 6:00 AM
Sunrise: 6:31 AM
Daylight: 14 hrs, 22 min

This morning was a gorgeous blending morning of changing color and drifting clouds.  Not as many spiderwebs to be seen, given that it wasn’t a dewy or foggy morning.  But the bugs were annoying.  I suppose one good effect of getting the pathway trimmed is not disturbing quite so many when I walk through… but I certainly disturbed enough this morning!

Caught a marvelous shot of the thin crescent moon high above the pre-sunrise, but still within the frame.  And the colors were just gorgeous.

I need to start learning more about photoshop.  I can create panoramics, true – that’s getting easier and easier.  But that makes me no more than a one-trick pony, and the software is so much more versatile than that.  I’m going to need to know how to layer photos, blocking and blending some areas so I can make the four- or eight-sun photo I have in mind to show the movement throughout the year.  But, so long as Regions hospital has WiFi, I can bring up the training videos I have access to while I’m waiting as Jerry goes through surgery.

Turns out that wobbly pocket of liquid on his chest was a hematoma.  Blood, not plasma or lymphatic fluid collecting somewhere it wasn’t supposed to.  He said that he’d strained while lifting something, and felt something pull in his chest… and dismissed it.

Some days I really just want to scream.  Or pull out my hair.  Or thump him upside the head with a pillow or something.  There is nothing minor about ‘feeling something pull in your chest’ when you have an artificial valve, a grafted aorta, and titanium wire wrapped around your sternum!

Met two delightful new friends today!  Deb and Brian.  Brian’s been a fishing guide along the Mississippi for just ages, and he’s been taking up photography more seriously; Deb, a friend of his, is his teacher.

I absolutely love talking photography with fellow enthusiasts!

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