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2016-08-26 – Of color and companions

There was some brilliant color in the clouds before sunrise today.  I walked the long trail, though, so I missed most of it.  Still, caught some!

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 5:57 AM
Sunrise: 6:27 AM
Daylight: 14 hrs, 32 min

And I played with the settings on the camera for a bit.  Honestly, I like the darker – and therefore more vivid – shades I can tell the camera to capture.  But I’m still working on getting the camera to reproduce exactly what I see.  Partly because then I don’t have to do much post-processing, but also because it’s hard to do.  (I think I might have mentioned before that these wonderful little devices don’t work the same way our eyes do.)

Oh, and I captured a shot of the bald spot I’ve worn into the ground that I mentioned yesterday.  I’m afraid I haven’t followed quite perfectly the rule about “Take only photographs, leave only footprints.”

Had three companions on the Bluff today, if only briefly.  They were running the paths – something they do regularly, though not always at the same time of day.  One of them is running a half marathon in October.  All three of them were talking about running Sorin’s Bluff (the one directly across the valley from Barn Bluff) next.  As in, as soon as they came down off Barn Bluff.

Runners amaze me.  Truly, they do.  I’ve had bad knees most of my life, and painful things they are.  The right knee grinds over calcium buildup underneath the kneecap, and the left one jumps out of the groove it should glide smoothly in and rubs against my leg bones.  Even if I were in shape to run (I’m not), the repeated pounding impact of my weight on my knees with every step would have me sore for days.  I can walk for miles at a 3.5-mile-per-hour pace with no problem, but I don’t even try to run anymore.  So people who can, people who speak enthusiastically of running a marathon (26 miles!) or even a half marathon, have my deepest admiration and respect.

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