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2016-08-16 – Uploading adventures

Another lovely morning!  The air wasn’t as chill today as it was yesterday; I was wearing my light jacket, but I was able to take it off by the time I got to the Eastern overlook.  (Yesterday I was grateful for my hat.)  Fog was drifting downriver, thick but sporadic.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 5:44 AM
Sunrise: 6:15 AM
Daylight: 15 hrs, 2 min

And no bugs!  At least, not until I started downhill again.  By then, the air was warm enough for them to be moving around.  I cannot believe that August is half over.  The seasons continue in their stately pace despite all we might try to do to hold them in place.

But onward to reporting on day two of uploading onto FineArtAmerica!

I have already been getting visitors to my page on the site.  But I’m not really sure what it is they’re zeroing in on.  New artists?  Insects?  (That’s mostly what I’ve been uploading.)  Organization is key, obviously.  But so is proper keywording.  If people were to buy my work, what terms would they be searching for?

I do have to admit I am a bit concerned about the probable quality of some of these products.  Not because of the print quality of the website, but because my camera is an 8mp.  That means the images can’t be taken up much higher than, say, 11×14, without distinct pixellation becoming visible.

That’s the advantage to a higher megapixel camera, you know – greater range of quality enlargements.  And unfortunately, FineArtAmerica doesn’t seem to give you the option of deselecting certain products for certain photos.  I think I’ll have to do a bit more exploring.  There has to be a way to tailor the products specifically to the photo, or to at least offer a warning that any size greater than 11×14 is likely to be flawed.

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