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2016-07-30 – Dog and spiderweb don’t mix


Seriously, the reflections really were that almost-neon shade!

A morning of fantastic color.  Got out of the house a touch late this morning, and Jerry hadn’t moved his pickup from behind mine, so I decided to take his.  Cody had a little bit more difficulty hopping up into it – Jerry’s F150 is a good bit taller than my S-10!

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 5:22 AM
Sunrise: 5:56 AM
Daylight: 15 hrs, 50 min

There was already color showing behind the old NSP plant when we got to the Bluff, so Cody and I took the rock climbing path.  (Yes, in my thin-soled tennis shoes yet again.)  But I didn’t want to miss any more color than I absolutely had to.  Not sure how much I did miss, because what I caught was almost too intense to be real.  Particularly the reflections in the river!  (Seemed like the skies were showing off, just like yesterday.)

You can spot the light from the barge in the lower right corner!

You can spot the light from the barge in the lower right corner!

And there was a barge just navigating the initial turn up the channels from Lake Pepin!  I love watching them – the folks managing the tug and barges are so deft, so skilled.  I figure they must apprentice for a good long time, until they learn the river, its channels, and its current.  (Dad had asked me yesterday about the currents and flow of the river in the section we could see.  And yes, down below the Bluff and in front of Colvill Park the river only looks sluggish.)

Decided to cut across the hillside on the way back down.  It was such a fine morning, and I wanted to add another flower to my collection!  (Got my jeans literally dripping-wet soaked from the dew-covered grasses.  It made Cody happy, though!)

_MG_2692On the way, I found a spiderweb built by the large yellow-white-and-black orb weavers, with both female and male in the web!  And I thought, what a great subject for a photo and the blog!  I mean, I know some folks don’t like spiders, and lord knows I freak out when they start crawling on me, but they’re really fascinating critters.  And the orb weavers are so photogenic!  I was just setting down the tripod to take off my backpack and dig out the camera… when Cody went blundering through the web and spooked the spiders.



Ah, well.  It’s an adventure!  And in a week or so, I’ll find them again and their new web and show them to you.

Panoramic 212

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