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2016-07-28 – Coincidence, correlation or causation?


In spite of every resolve not to, I did it to myself again.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 5:20 AM
Sunrise: 5:53 AM
Daylight: 15 hrs, 55 min

Woke up groggy this morning.  Despite my efforts to shift my sleep schedule more to sleeping before sunrise than after, I still didn’t manage to get to bed until about 2 AM.  Now, because my workboots have been pinching at my heels uncomfortably again, I decided to wear my (thin-soled) tennis shoes.  (Not sure what controls the comfort-discomfort cycle on those boots.  Just seems like they go from well-broken in to painful at random intervals.)  Anyway.  Left the house in plenty of time – I wasn’t going to have to rush to get to the eastern overlook well before sunrise.  Even had time to notice that first light is now 33 minutes before sunrise, a change from the forty minutes it was around solstice. Who would have thought the time span between those two events would change through the course of the year as well?

_MG_2587Got seven minutes down the trail, Cody’s jaunty trot leading the way, and realized I’d forgotten the tripod.  In the truck.  In the truck under the jacket I took out to wear because it was a tad chilly this morning.  In the truck right next to the camera bag, where it is every morning.

Ended up having to take the rock-climbing trail under damp conditions in my thin-soled tennis shoes which don’t have much traction.

Have you ever noticed how the very things you swear I’m never going to happen again usually end up happening again?  Coincidence, correlation, or causation, what do you reckon?

It’s a bizarre truth of the universe that focusing hard on something we don’t want to happen, makes it more likely to happen.  Like a self-fulfilling prophecy.  To keep it from happening, you have to discipline your mind.  Change your focus, change how things happen.  And it can be somewhat difficult, not not impossible!

Panoramic 210

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