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2016-07-24 – Being unprepared


Uffda. Talk about being unprepared.  Today was a real morning behind the 8-ball!

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 5:15 AM
Sunrise: 5:49 AM
Daylight: 16 hrs, 4 min

I didn’t think about how short the memory card was getting – before I put the next one in and reformat to erase the previous pictures, I have to back up my external drive to CD.  Didn’t do that yesterday, and had the camera out yesterday evening taking long exposures of the fireflies and the bonfire.  Would have been nice to get some shots of the stars or Aurora too, but it was clouded over.

So this morning there was space for ten pictures on the memory card.  And the panoramic takes seven.  Heaven help me if there were any bright lasting colors or changing cloud formations!  Because reformatting a card before you’ve backed up the originals in two different places minimum is inviting critical loss.

IMG_4872Then, as I began walking the topline of the Bluff, the skies began to drop a light drizzle.  I’d say it were misting, but it was heavier than that.  Though not as wet or big a droplets as actual rain.  And me without my jacket and wearing my thin-soled tennis shoes, I suddenly wondered; did I put the rain sleeve back in the camera bag, the last time I took it out to dry?

No.  No, I hadn’t.

So there I was getting damp and bedraggled, and worrying about my camera as well as the lack of memory space.

Being unprepared is no fun at all.  Particularly when you’re accustomed to being organized.

On the other hand… if it had to happen, this was an ideal morning for it.  The clouds were thick and not very contoured.  There only item of interest was a gap in the clouds that showed a bit of color – which I caught in the seven photos for the panoramic – and a barge heading upriver.  As for the drizzle, I’ve gotten into the habit of carrying a small hand towel in the camera bag.  That provided a more than adequate barrier between the heavy falling mist and the camera.  I got uncomfortably damp, of course, but I’m designed to be water-resistant.  The camera isn’t!

So for being unprepared, it actually couldn’t have been a better morning!

Panoramic 206

One thought on “2016-07-24 – Being unprepared

  1. Leanne Overlander

    The panoramic turned out well and I am glad you had the towel with. We all have days like these, it is how we react to them and it sounds like you adapted well and turned it into a positive situation.

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