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2016-07-10 – Watching and waiting

Took a shortcut up this morning.  I wanted to get up to the overlook in time to see the color on the horizon.  It was actually a dark dark burgundy red while driving in – and I didn’t stop to get a shot, since I needed the extra time to fill up the pickup.  (The gas gauge doesn’t work, so I track by mileage and I’d gone nearly fifty miles past the point where I usually fill up.)

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 5:00 AM
Sunrise: 5:36 AM
Daylight: 16 hrs, 32 min

Missed capturing it, though.  The color had already faded to orangey pink by the time I got the camera set up, even though the hike up only took fifteen minutes.

Spent most of yesterday in bed with an aching head.  I’d been going to head to Rochester when I woke up; some cousins of mine were having a family get-together.  But I’m not much good when I have one of those headaches.  And at least this way I was available in case Jerry needed a trip to the hospital – sometimes he’s not very sensible when he’s using the chainsaw.  So feeling better rested today than I have for a while.

The winds were fierce on the overlook today; there was a storm moving in from the west.  (I missed a couple of chances at some lightning.  It usually flashed just after I’d turned the camera to a different patch of sky.  I need a wider-angle lens to capture more of the sky in one shot.)

All in all, I’m fairly sure that Ted, Ivan, and Vaughn will be driving to the air show in Duluth today, and not flying.  Ted was thinking they might take his Cesna now that he’s current again on his instrument rating.  But he isn’t going to fly in inclement weather.

Walking down the trail was a little unnerving in places.  The large forbidding wall of clouds was coming in swiftly – I had thought about photographing its approach from the western overlook, but, well… still thinking about that moment when lightning flashed above my head.  I guess it’s made me a bit timid.  And between the wind and the scattered thick drop of rain splatting on me and the camera, that wall of clouds looked more than a bit intimidating.  So I headed back instead of rambling to the west.

The view on the drive home was incredible, though!

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