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2016-06-29 – Relativity of Time and Motion

Today was quite a bit chillier than it has been.  I didn’t want at all to crawl out of my nice warm cocoon of blankets.  Fifties today, and it’s supposed to be in the nineties all next week – very Minnesota.  But it did mean I got to see the sky rainbow driving in.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 4:52 AM
Sunrise: 5:29 AM
Daylight: 16 hrs, 44 min

Need to stop and get a shot of that one of these days.

Late night a few hours ago.  Lance was dropping me off, and Jerry pulled up just as Lance was backing down the driveway.  So they have to have a bit of a chat and a beer or two… and I did not discipline myself to either go write a blog post or go to bed.

Falling behind in several important ways now.  Sleep always seems so much more of a priority, and I’m so groggy when I wake up… and the sun is all creepy-crawly across the horizon.  Seems like it should be moving faster toward equinox instead of this poke-slow move-by-one-minute-every-three-days.  Of course, it’s simply doing the reverse of what it was just before solstice.

It’s a pendulum, you know?  When it’s at the apex of the swing, high in the air, it moves far slower than at any other point and almost seems to hesitate before it changes direction to come back down.  Then, the more closely it approaches the middle, the faster it moves, blazing through the center of the swing with a whoosh that cuts the very air itself.

So it goes with the sun on its journey across the horizon.  The closer it gets to the solstices, the slower it moves, until it hesitates in position before it starts the arc back.

At least, that’s how it goes at Minnesota’s latitude.  Makes me curious about how it seems on the poles of the world.  Does the sun slow in its journey up there in the land of the midnight sun?  Does it seem to take forever between fall equinox and spring, when the sun disappears from the land entirely?  What does “it’s all relative” really mean?

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