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2016-06-28 – Preparing for the fair!

It was a calm, clear morning.  The temperature dropped overnight to the high fifties, and there were just enough clouds down at the horizon to provide a bit of color and enjoyment, but the fiercely gold sun itself as it rose was unobstructed.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 4:51 AM
Sunrise: 5:28 AM
Daylight: 16 hrs, 45 min

There are so many flowers in bloom right now!  Jerusalem Artichoke, Evening Primrose, the sumac of course – though some of the blooms are already transitioning to fruit – and vervain.  There’s just so much to see, and it changes day by day.

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But since it was a sunrise of quiet beauty, that left me free to think of other things… like the Cannon Valley Fair!

I entered some of my photos last year as… well, as a bit of a lark, and a bit of a challenge, and as a way to show myself that yes, I am taking my photography seriously.  Imagine my surprise when I walked away with five blues (firsts) and two purples (Champions)!

Now, the rules are you can’t be a professional and still enter – it’s for amateurs only.  So there will come a time when I won’t be eligible.  But since I’m not making money on my photography yet, I can still submit my photos for the judges’ consideration.

The hard part is narrowing down the available candidates.  Since January alone, this project has produced over 7,500 photos.  And some of them are pretty darned good!  (If I do say so myself.)  And it might be an unnecessary nicety, but I limit myself to photos I’ve taken in the past twelve months.  I think I’ve about narrowed it down to these:

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So, we’ll see how they do!  (And yes – I admit that I only do this to show off.  I am thrilled every time someone praises my photographs.  And honestly, why shouldn’t I be?)

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