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2016-06-25 – Musings

My hand is really sore.  I’ve about decided to go in to urgent care.  The only question is whether to head in directly after sunrise, or head home to take a nap first.  And also a shower.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 4:50 AM
Sunrise: 5:27 AM
Daylight: 16 hrs, 46 min

Really doesn’t make any sense, to have so many doctors on vacation the ones remaining can’t see patients in a timely fashion.

Pushed the gas level in the pickup a bit far; the low fuel light came on this morning on the way in.  The gas gauge has been broken the whole time I’ve owned the S-10, so I fill up between 300 and 350 miles.  Today at the gas station (thankful for leaving a few minutes early), I calculated I’d driven over 360 miles since my last fill up.  By the amount I fed the truck, I had 2 gallons left in the tank, but that’s still pushing things a bit.

(Lance stopped in after dropping me off, once again leaving about five minutes before I got up again.  He and Jerry were talking about everything under the sun – Jerry said that was was just letting Lance talk, but… that’s not really what I heard, given they were talking loudly enough to keep me awake.)

Pesky bugs.  They are bad this year.  Makes me wish for a breeze every morning.

Heading up I was wondering if I’ll see those young fellows from yesterday.  There was good sun this morning that they could have used with their light bulb prop, but they didn’t show.

Every now and then I kind of wonder if I’m actually enjoying these sunrises of it I’m merely going through the motions to complete the project.  Either would be all right, I suppose, but it’d be good to enjoy them all.  It’s kind of like how Ivan resists any attempt to turn his photography into a self-supporting hobby; if he did, he said, then it’d be work, and it wouldn’t be fun any more.

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