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2016-06-24 – Thick fog, no light bulb

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Driving in there was a fine mist along the ground under the rainbow sky.  I almost pulled over to set the camera up and get that, but I was actually a few minutes late so I didn’t.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 4:50 AM
Sunrise: 5:27 AM
Daylight: 16 hrs, 47 min

Kinda wish I would have.  I love a good fog.

Can’t tell if my pinkie is getting better or not.  It’s still swollen and hurts whenever I try to use it.  I can’t extend it fully either.  But that might be because I’ve been keeping it curled up all week.  And let me tell you, it is tough to load and unload blank metal sheets into CNCs with only one useable hand!

I should get it checked out.  But after this long since the initial injury, there’s nothing a doctor could do to speed the healing along, and the most they’d be able to tell me is whether or not I broke it when I (probably) dislocated it.  And to get it looked at, I’d have to go to Urgent Care or Emergency, and the injury doesn’t belong in either of those categories!

Up on the Bluff, the fog bank was tall, extending even above the crest of the hill.  There wasn’t much to be seen, and it disappointed a group of young gentlemen who had come to photograph the sunrise.  They even had props – like a giant lightbulb!  They’d planned to use the bulb to frame the sun – as though the sun were the light in the bulb – and then pose around it.

Very clever and creative.

They played with the fog for a bit before sunrise instead.  All of them were amazed at how thick it was – you could completely lose sight of someone a mere twenty feet away for a while.

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