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2016-06-23 – Autopilot

Shane’s niece is in town for a while – wonder if I’ll see Bobbie and the kids today?

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 4:50 AM
Sunrise: 5:27 AM
Daylight: 16 hrs, 47 min

I drove into the clouds this morning.  I had hope of some color and a glimpse of the sun this morning, but the clouds were traveling south as I was moving east, and we met at Barn Bluff.  It was a bit cool and humid, too; not a pleasant combination.

I really need some quality sleep.  Seems like this project has become an endless round of work, walk, and inadequate rest.  I stagger from activity to activity like a drunk sailor come ashore after months on the ocean.  And there’s always so much to do, other things to plan time for, and still more activities I’m missing out on because I have to be up for sunrise.  I’ve made no progress at all on any of my business goals, and I’ve hardly don;’t anything at work, either.  Brain is just stuck on autopilot, I guess.  Trying to enjoy the walk each day, and all I really think about is how much I want to see my pillow again.

Even the skies today are dull and lifeless.

Unless that’s just me, and I’m interpreting the skies that way because of how I feel.  Because the bizarre thing is that the sunrises have been sunny recently.  This is the first grey day in, what?  A week?  And yet it feels like forever since I’ve seen the sun, enjoyed basking in warmth.

Well, soon the sun will have moved enough to make a decent difference in the time of its rising.  Soon enough, I can sleep more between work and sunrise instead of between sunrise and work.  Maybe then I’ll actually get tasks completed.  I think that, more than anything, is the root of what’s bothering me.  I have so much on my to-do list, so many business goals I want accomplished.  I want multiple streams of income combining to create a lifestyle where I pay off our debts, and carry our own independent insurance again without once worrying about a hike in rates like we’ve seen in the past two years.  But it’s not going to happen unless I’m producing and marketing products.

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