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2016-06-22 – Sailors take warning

Had to take the quick route up today.  I was hoping the whole way up that I wouldn’t have to use my left hand too much.  It still hurts like blazes whenever I try to straighten out all my fingers, and never mind extending them!  Called the doctor’s office, and the appointment nurse said she couldn’t get me in any sooner than three weeks from now.  (And I mean, seriously, how useless is that?)

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 4:49 AM
Sunrise: 5:26 AM
Daylight: 16 hrs, 47 min

Was feeling a bit fatigue-drunk – hadn’t been to bed yet, by the time I was walking, so head was full of fog.  Not sensible of me, but I’ve been rereading Harry Potter, and it’s hard to put those books down.

(That’s the kind I want to write.  Not the subject or the genre.  I want to write content that people can’t put down.)

Driving in the clouds had that cotton-candy look to their texture against the background of dark blue.  Low on the horizon the sky was an intense orange-red.  Kind of brought that saying to mind, “Red sky at morning, sailors take warning; red sky at night, sailors delight.”  Made me wonder  this morning if a storm was in the offing.  Also makes me wonder, does the saying refer to the clouds and their colors, or to the sky itself?  Because I’ve seen the sky a fierce not-quite-red an hour or so before sunrise.

Adages generally have a grain of truth to them, if you understand the logic behind what created them.

Today’s colors had faded while I was still driving – but I took the short route up, just in case it redeveloped.  Turned out I didn’t completely miss the color – it was just hidden behind the Bluff as I was walking.  And more developed in the half hour to sunrise.  It had faded by the time the sun put in an appearance, but during the lead up I could scarcely stop taking pictures.  (The sad part is, how can the photos ever live up to the memory of the sight?)

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