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2016-06-14 – Donkey of a judicial system!


Irritating judicial system!

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 4:48 AM
Sunrise: 5:25 AM
Daylight: 16 hrs, 45 min

But more on that later.  Yesterday didn’t finish off very well; I wasn’t feeling the greatest on Sunday or yesterday, and the headache and sense of general malaise just got worse and worse as the day ground on.  I ended up going home early from work, even though we’re on mandatory 9-hour shifts.  Paige kept insisting that it was the heat and humidity; I’m pretty sure it had more to do with the chocolate I ate on Saturday than it did dehydration.  Still not feeling the greatest today, and woke up so groggy that it was hard to get moving.  Kind of reminded me of those days, back in the beginning, when I was considering quitting the project.

_MG_0803And so I was late again, and needed to go rock climbing in order to get up to the overlook in time for the sunrise.  The sun put in a bit of an appearance, but otherwise it was pretty blah.  Got to see one of the feral cats that live in the area, though!

Logged onto ejuror after I got home last night, only to find out that our delightful judicial system won’t allow a postponement or an excused absence once jury service has begun.  I could have sworn I read, back when I first filled out the questionnaire, that I couldn’t request a postponement until I had an assignment!

Urgh, I hate bureaucracy!

There are benefits to these kinds of difficulties, though.  As I was heading back to the truck this morning, I wondered about other pathways down.  Now, there’s no way I’d ever try to go back down the way I come up when I’m late (like this morning).  I refer to it as rock climbing for a reason!  But there are other ways and trails I’ve never set foot on.  Tried one today, and got back to the truck almost ten minutes sooner.

_MG_0790I was also playing with the GoogleMaps App.  There are a couple of different ways to get to the U.S. District Courthouse.  If I can be to the light rail station by 6:40, I can make it to the courthouse on time and not have to worry about parking the pickup in Minneapolis.  Of course, the timing would be far tighter going that route.  So chances are I’ll have to wake up between three and three-fifteen, take my daily shower, make the walk in the clothes I’ll be wearing at the courthouse, and drive directly there.  (Fortunately the dress code is all right with jeans, you just can’t wear cutoffs or ripped ones.)  Getting there at seven, though…  I have a request in to the jury clerk; I can be sure I’ll be there by 7:30.  Maybe they’ll allow a half-hour leeway.

You know what concerns me more, though?  I work second shift.  Which makes my schedule look like this:  Sunrise from four to 5:30.  Drive to Minneapolis at six, arriving between seven and seven-thirty.  Attend jury duty for however long.  Go to work, and fill in whatever hours of my regular shift are available.  Get home at midnight if we’re on eight-hour days, between one and 1:30 AM if we’re not.

When am I going to sleep?

Panoramic 166

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