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2016-05-26 – Even on a rainy day you can still see the sun


Woke to the sound of thunder and rain, and thought; Just one day.  What could it hurt?  Nobody would blame me after the soaking I took two days ago.  And I’m tired.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 4:57 AM
Sunrise: 5:33 AM
Daylight: 16 hrs, 21 min

Yes, thoughts like that still occur, even nearly six months in.  And it wasn’t as if there was going to be anything to see other than clouds and rain on the lens.

Turns out, though, even on a rainy day you can still see the sun.

The walk started normally enough for a rainy day.  After the drenching I took even through the jacket and poncho on Tuesday, I wasn’t going to be caught unprepared again; I was wearing my FrogTogg bottoms and my boots in addition to my rain jacket and the flyaway plastic outerwear.  And just as well, too; the rain was steady on the drive in, with yellows and some red showing on the radar image on my weather app – the trail was greasy, sloppy, and between the rain and what was dripping off the trees I’d’ve been well soaked (again) before even getting to the top of the ridge.

_MG_0096I’d had the foresight to put the camera in its rainsleeve before leaving home, and between that and the satisfaction of knowing I was going to stay reasonably dry everywhere but my arms from the elbow down, it was going to be a good morning.  The birds were singing, the gentle patter of rain on leaves was soothing, and let’s face it – even when I’m getting wet I still kind of enjoy taking pictures in the rain.  Besides, with the yellows and reds on the weather map, there was the possibility of a lightning capture, too!  (Or even the certainty of one!)


But with cloudy grey weeping skies all around imagine my amazement when I came to the crest of the bluff and saw the reds and oranges of a colorful dawn to the north!  Colors which – while not quite as vividly red as they had been – didn’t fade into nothingness before dawn.  Colors which were accented by the visible streamers of rain on the horizon.

(Think of what I would have missed, if I had listened to that little niggling voice saying what could it hurt?)

It occurred to me on the walk back; there’s a parallel here for life in general.  On a day when several things go wrong and the world and circumstances seem to be going out of their way to be depressing and upsetting and – at best – challenging, there are always aspects to the day and your life that are cheerful.  Beautiful.  Worthy of gratitude.

Because even on a rainy day you can still see the sun.

Panoramic 147

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