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2016-05-25 – Fellowship

I learned last night at work that Randy, one of the guys that works in the Etching department, is also a photographer!  Like me, he’s mostly a landscape photographer – he loves waterfalls in particular.  He asked me, “Canon or Nikon?” and was pleased when I said, “Canon!”  (He shoots a Rebel.)  And we both agree that properly learning your camera, rather than leaving it constantly on Auto, gives a person so much more scope for artistic expression.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 4:58 AM
Sunrise: 5:33 AM
Daylight: 16 hrs, 19 min

Fellowship can be found in the most unexpected places.  I would never have guessed that Randy was also a photography enthusiast.  He’s going to bring some of his work in for me to enjoy.  I’ll have to start printing out some of my stuff to show him in return.

If there’s one thing I truly wish, it would be to have more people to talk photography with.  But open-minded people.  The kind of folks who don’t judge equipment or style or subject matter, they just share and praise what they like and talk about great places where they’ve captured their favorite photos.  Randy, for example, gave me the names of a few places – parks, mostly – /where he’s captured some lovely waterfalls.  I would love to make a photo tour of the National Parks!  What a project that would be!

Still pretty tickled about that lightning capture.  Disappointed it was with the phone, but I’m not entirely sure I could have caught it with the camera, even if I’d had it out and ready.

It’s kind of strange, to walk along the same path that yesterday was a mud-slick river.  Everything is green and healthy, smelling of growth.  I didn’t see any of the skidding marks I must have left yesterday, but maybe I wasn’t looking in the right places!  There are some blooming plants along the lower trail I need to make time for, before they fade into the next stage of their lives.


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