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2016-05-23 – Stunning colors

Driving in this morning, the skies were already a deep red an hour before sunrise.  It was a real treat to see, and I enjoyed glancing up to it the whole way into town.  It made me wonder if I should pull over to set the camera and tripod up on the side of the road to try and capture the sight.  I decided not to, despite how strongly the skies beckoned.  It isn’t that the camera takes a long time to set up.  Far from it!  What gave me pause was knowing that if I stopped to capture those red skies, I would be there for twenty minutes… a half hour… forty-five minutes… maybe longer.  And I’d be constantly nagging at myself to get moving before I was late, and just as constantly saying, “Oh, just one more shot, look at how everything is changing!”

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 5:00 AM
Sunrise: 5:35 AM
Daylight: 16 hrs, 15 min

Fortunately for me, today was not one of those mornings where the color was a flash in the pan!  (I took the rock-climbing route to get to the top in as big a hurry as I could.  Just in case.)  To me, it looked as though the color had completely faded.  That the skies would be flat and dull for sunrise.  But though the shade was no longer that fierce red I’d seen on the drive in, the skies were bright with blues and oranges and golds.  And there was a barge coming upriver, unobscured by plumes from the old NSP plant!

Fantastic morning.  A swift enough breeze to keep the mosquitoes off, and entertaining skies.  And, I saw fireflies last night!  (Still working on a good night photography setup with stars above and a galaxy of fireflies below.)

The disappointing part of the morning is twofold.  Apparently when I offloaded my camera cards last night onto the backup computer, I forgot to put them back in the camera bag.  So just before sunrise, when the card I was using was down to two photos remaining and I hadn’t even started my 7-picture panoramic set, I had to switch from RAW to high-quality JPEG in order to get the full series.  So today’s panoramic won’t have as much color information as normal.  Sigh.

And, looking back at the photos of the prairie crocus seed pod photos, I realized the one I’d mentally marked as having potential as a T-shirt I can’t use.  The tallest flower, the one of the cluster that draws the eye, the one I thought I had focused on, isn’t properly sharp and detailed.  Growl.

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