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2016-05-22 – Second-guessing

Wow.  Yesterday was a perfect day to be out at Cedar Lake for the races!  We could not have chosen a spring day with better weather.  (Apparently, last week’s bus races took place in temperatures seventy degrees colder – very Midwest.)

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 5:01 AM
Sunrise: 5:36 AM
Daylight: 16 hrs, 13 min

Took the rock-climbing trail again today…  I’m starting to wonder if maybe I am subconsciously delaying the point when I leave the house because the regular trail is no longer challenging.  Whereas, if I’m late then I have to walk the steeper, rockier one, which takes more effort.  Should have left the house this morning at 4:19 – that would have been an hour and fifteen minutes before sunrise.  And, well… I didn’t leave until a little after 4:30.  The workings of the inner mind can be a veritable morass of hidden desires.

Mornings like these are so peaceful.  Contemplative.  Today there was a low haze over the river, not enough to be called fog, but more than mere mist.  The light breeze was just enough to keep the mosquitoes at bay for the most part.  (Though I will admit that lemon-eucalyptus oil is now a constant part of my camera equipment!)  And the bugs are bad this year.  Though so far I haven’t seen any ticks.

(It’s kind of strange.  You’d think that by the latter part of May, the temperature would have stabilized to the point of being able to dress properly for the walk and the morning wait, but today the thin longjohns, jeans and T-shirt, hooded sweatshirt, jacket, and hat, was just one layer too many, even at a mere 45 degrees Fahrenheit.  Yet despite the lower thermometer reading, the frogs were singing from down below the Bluff.)

The moon was an amazing sight as it set over Red Wing this morning!  The shifting and cycling of the sun, stars, and moon are really starting to fascinate, as the year moves on.  Maybe I should make capturing the moon next year’s project!  Oh – and the vetch is fruiting!

Remember the vetch?  What Bobbie called Sweetpea?  They’re producing their fruit, which looks an awful lot like a plum growing along the ground.  Cool, huh?

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