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2016-05-18 – Fiery glow

A draggy morning today.  Had about a half-hour’s sleep before the alarm rang to prod me out of bed for the sunrise walk.  We’re on mandatory OT at work, and after getting home I sat up with Misty.  I was trying to get her to eat something, and I also wanted to give her company and a warm lap for as long as she wanted.  Too soon, too soon, she’ll decide it’s her time to move on, and then I won’t have a cuddlebug squalling for attention anymore.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 5:05 AM
Sunrise: 5:39 AM
Daylight: 16 hrs, 4 min

It was colder again this morning – 35 degrees Fahrenheit, but the winds were just about as still as still gets.  The plume from the old NSP plant was heading straight up into the sky.  It obscures some of the scenery for true, but it’s a useful indicator, too!  Some mornings I’ve seen it rising straight up until it got to a height about equal to the Bluff, and then abruptly shift sideways.  Same mornings, coincidentally enough, when there was no breeze down below but a one further up.

There was a lovely low fog clinging to the river this morning.  When the sun came up it flared fiery orangey-gold along the mist.  I love that effect!  I need to find a spot where I can get that blazing soft color down at the water level.  Imagine the sheer beauty of the fiery fog above the reflection on still water.


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