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2016-05-14 – Stop shoulding on me!

Aaaand the day after I’m delightfully on time, I put myself in the position of having to use the rock-climbing trail because I didn’t arrive at the Bluff until after first light.  Ugh.  It was as well that Bobbie wasn’t with me; that alternate path is basically guaranteed to give her vertigo.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 5:10 AM
Sunrise: 5:44 AM
Daylight: 15 hrs, 54 min

A bit chill this morning – made me grateful that I remembered to grab my gloves.  This morning made me give some thought to switching back to my lined hooded windbreaker, too.  It was pretty breezy up there, and my hat with hooded sweatshirt weren’t keeping out the wind.  My ears weren’t cold to the point of aching, but I certainly wasn’t comfortable!

At least the cold was a distraction from lingering irritation.  Yesterday Ivan started telling me (again) that I ‘should be’ moving to different vantage points.  That if sunrises are what I want, I ‘need to’ get them from other places.  Nobody wants to keep seeing the same thing every day, he says.

I’m sure he thinks he’s being helpful.  I’m reasonably certain this is his version of ‘supportive,’ again.  But sunrises in general are not the project.  The project is 366 Barn Bluff Sunrises.  And four and a half months in, apparently he still hasn’t figured this out.  And so he keeps periodically ‘shoulding’ all over me because I’m not conducting my project they way he would.  (If he ever decides to do a year-long project.  He did a month-long one once, and it was pretty random; take a picture every day and post it to Capture Minnesota.)  Well, by taking a photo series of the same event from the same spot every day for a year, I’m going to learn about perseverance.  I’m going to learn location.  I’m going to learn what camera settings work best under which weather conditions.  I’m going to learn how to work with all kinds of weather conditions.  I’m going to prove to myself that I can finish what I start!

And he either simply doesn’t understand, or he chooses not to.

And anyway, I have better things to focus on.  Like going to a tool show with Shane and his Dad this morning!  It’s been so long since I’ve been to one.  The Mid-West Tool Collector’s Association (MWTCA for short) is in town a few times a year, and if you have any interest in antique tools, blacksmithing, woodworking, or you just plain like old stuff, you might want to check them out!  There are always tools for sale – old micrometers, levels, woodworking planes, and so much more!  I’ve seen vintage blowtorches, pedal-driven sewing machines of many sizes, even a surveyor’s chain circa late 1800s (actual rods and links – can you imagine)!  And the displays… if there’s any kind of tool you want to learn about, this is the place!  Ofttimes they’ll have demos, too; bowl turning, tool smithing, rope weaving for fishing line, cabinetry!

(Yes, I’m geeking out a little.  So what?)

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