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2016-05-13 – The inner mind knows

It was a colorful, fast-changing sunrise this morning!

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 5:11 AM
Sunrise: 5:45 AM
Daylight: 15 hrs, 52 min

And it’s interesting to note:  Apparently I’m not only getting a feel for which sunrises are going to be spectacular, I’m also subconsciously learning when they’re going to happen.  This morning I was tired and a bit groggy, but I wasn’t late by any stretch of reality, so there was no reason for me not to take the regular trail.  And yet, it was the rock-climbing trail that my feet chose; my mind rationalized it as being the shorter walk, but really, what sense does that actually make?  It’s a sunrise, and it’s in the same place as always.  I’m tired – but these days I’m always tired.  And I’m going to be outside for the roughly the same length of time as any other day.  The only difference is whether I’ll spend the time mostly walking, or mostly waiting.

So there was really no reason to take the short trail.  Particularly when it’s a little hair-raising in places, which is not good when you’re fatigued and your judgement might be a bit off.  And yet, ’twas the rock-climbing trail I took, and I was rewarded by magnificent color… all of which had faded by sunrise.

Our conscious minds account for so little of our mental activity.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember that there’s a part of us that is constantly aware, constantly taking in little details from all the senses.  There’s a part of all of us that’s always drawing conclusions and steering us toward what it thinks we want, based on what we think about the most often.  And then every once in a while, you’re reminded of that part of you, that inner mind.  And heavens know I’m grateful for it!  Especially when that part of me offers a surprise so beautiful as witnessing the skies this morning!

Best color of the morning! 5:32 AM

…aaaaand the actual sunrise at 5:45 AM

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