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2016-05-11 – Mentally vacant

Felt queasy and lightheaded this morning.  Sleep is in short supply and and I’m feeling the effects.  And it’s strange, but fatigue seems linked to hunger; yet you can never give your body what it craves if you don’t give it rest, and so a person short on sleep is also prone to gaining weight… as evidenced by last night, when I prowled through the refrigerator last night/early this morning.  Didn’t know what I was looking for, just knew I was craving something.  So I ate a few things, none of which satisfied.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 5:14 AM
Sunrise: 5:47 AM
Daylight: 15 hrs, 47 min

Had no cat food to give the felines last night, and Blue is in the shop (with a full bag of dry food in the cab) so they all got some of Misty’s canned food – which they loudly appreciated.  Have to remember to pick up a bag of dry food on my way home.

My pretty little Misty-kitty is aging.  She’s getting around well, but her eye worries me.  It’s weepy and might be larger than the other.  At the age of sixteen, with most of her years spent as a wholly outside cat, her life has got to be getting close to winding down.  Glaucoma might be the start of that – if it is glaucoma.  Hope it isn’t.

The walk this morning was an entertaining one (as well as a fine foggy one).  My constant, nagging fatigue kept trying to make me curl up right on the path in the rain and go to sleep.  Had to remind myself to just… keep… moving.  What I wouldn’t give for eight to ten hours of uninterrupted sleep!  I’d forgotten to plug in my phone overnight, so it was pathetically low on charge when I grabbed it on my way out the door.  (Grabbed my charging cord, too, so charged it up a bit on the way in.)  Then I realized the rain sleeve was still on the coffee table, drying, which meant I was going to have to drape the camera and tripod with my poncho again.

Feeling quite mentally vacant.  But I can do this.

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