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2016-04-30 – Endurance


Clouds casting shadows!


Sunrise Stats!
First light: 5:30 AM
Sunrise: 6:02 AM
Daylight: 15 hrs, 16 min

So yesterday afternoon I got a call from Ivan; he was having more chest pains and had called for the ambulance.  Heading in to work, Lance said that he’d talked to the paramedics – who had initially driven past Ivan’s driveway with siren and lights on – while he was out walking the dog.  Ivan had been talking and responsive, but the parameds didn’t know if he was going to Cannon or Rochester until they got him hooked up to the equipment in the ambulance.

_MG_8982Heard from Trudy today; Ivan was taken lickety-split to Rochester and was put directly into surgery.  She said they were at the hospital until after eleven, but that the bypass had gone well and he was in ICU.  Trudy said they were looking at moving him into a regular room tomorrow, but didn’t know if they would have enough beds for him to be moved out of ICU.  Myself, I think the second day after the surgery is a bit soon to be moving him regardless of which wing of the hospital has how many beds.

Haven’t heard from Ivan himself yet, but Trudy is more than happy to take Jerry and me up on our offer of space and looking after Ivan for the first week or three after he’s discharged from the hospital.  So later today I’m going to have to prep that room downstairs.

_MG_8984This morning the color was showing before I’d even properly hiked to the top of the ridge.  It’s a chill forty degrees, so the vivid hues aren’t that surprising.  I wonder when it’s going to get warmer and stay that way?  I would love to be able to walk the hill without needing to worry about a jacket, either to carry along just in case or as a means of keeping warm until exertion is doing the job.

Jerry found me a pickup.  I test drove it and other than how low that driver’s seat sinks a person (it’s an older S-10, so the cushion is worn and unsupportive.  I’m going to need a pillow to sit on or something) I rather like it.  It’s strange to think of myself in a Chevy – with one brief exception, I’ve always owned Fords – but it’s a nice little runabout, with the extended cab and the third door for loading and unloading photography equipment.  Bit of a rustbucket, but it starts easy and runs nice.

_MG_8997So Jerry’s suggestion for getting the Freestyle back to Ted and then get down to the dealership for the pickup is for me to go directly to Ted’s after the Bluff, he’ll pick me up there, and he’ll drive down to Peterson Ford, after which each of us will have a vehicle to drive home.

My question to him was, exactly how much endurance do you think I have?  But if I go home for my usual morning nap, I’m not going to want to get up before two, so taking care of this as early as possible will be far better.  I can endure.  I have before.

Though this sort of erratic schedule and long periods of time between sleep are nowhere near as easy as they were in my twenties and early thirties.

Gonna need some fierce endurance this next week, too; we’re on mandatory nines at work.  And once Ivan arrives – whenever that’s going to be – that’ll be another demand on time and energy.

But I can do this.

You see what I mean about color fading to blah at sunrise?

You see what I mean about color fading to blah at sunrise?

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