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2016-04-28 – Questions


Threw my hip out of joint walking up to the first landing, before the start of the trail.  Was kind of painful and slow for a few steps, until I managed to rotate the leg juuuuust right to pop it back in – which also twinges more than a bit.  Odd, that; hasn’t happened since the last time I rode a bicycle.

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 5:33 AM
Sunrise: 6:05 AM
Daylight: 15 hrs, 10 min

Got a message from Ivan this morning – he asked if I would pick up some Coke and Simply Lemonade for him while I was in town.

Still don’t really know what to make of the notion that the hospital sent him home.  From what he said, he needs triple bypass; that means three different arteries are showing blockage, if I understand how they designate these things.  And all of them are ninety percent or more blocked.  But they weren’t able to schedule him for surgery until next Wednesday, and all that leaves me with a number of questions.  Wouldn’t they want him in-house, so they can monitor him, just in case?  Or does sending him home mean he’s stable and safe until the surgery?

We’re fifteen minutes away from the nearest hospital, whether you go to Cannon Falls or to Red Wing; did they know that in Rochester when they discharged him?

They must know what they’re doing…

IMG_3744Well, we’ll all take it turn and turn about to give him a hand.  When I stopped over with the lemonade and soda, he seemed to be taking the discharge instructions quite seriously; no lifting over five pounds, no activity more than getting to and from the kitchen for food.  And if he has any chest pain at all, he’s to call 9-1-1; not his brother or sister, not me and Jerry, not even the hospital direct.  He looks pretty rough, though; pale and peaky, he’s moving slow, talking slow (slower than normal).  I found myself scrutinizing his face for any tell-tale signs of a stroke; that’d be all he’d need right now.

_MG_8908Turns out, though, that he was sensible to begin with.  Unlike Jerry when he had his aortic dissection, Ivan didn’t drive himself to the hospital; he called his brother Vaughn.  Now, like Jerry, though, he did wait until late evening, after he’d started researching on the medical websites and had a second round with severe chest pain.  He mentioned he’d been having minor pains for weeks, and always dismissed it; he’d also been wondering why it was he was always so tired, always needing a nap after work instead of going out for a walk like he used to.

Bobbie texted me this morning, letting me know that while it didn’t seem to be raining, it was about forty-four degrees and so she was going to be a coward and go back to bed.  Groggy as I felt when I woke up, I was tempted to do the same.  But I’m getting close to the 120-day mark, there is no way I’m giving up now!  Not even a one.

Panoramic 119

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