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2016-04-27 – Colors and the wind


I know.  It’s cheesy.  Change one word, and the sentence might be trademarked.  But it’s also one of those elegant turns of phrase you just can’t help but use when appropriate.  And the colors with the wind this morning all but demanded it!

Sunrise Stats!
First light: 5:34 AM
Sunrise: 6:06 AM
Daylight: 15 hrs, 7 min

Still kind of reeling from the news of Ivan’s heart attack.  Still can’t quite grasp how this could have happened to him – not overweight (he still fits the same size jeans he wore in high school), not abusing his body with his diet, a non-smoker.  But none of that apparently affects cholesterol buildup, and that’s what caused the blockage in his arteries.

(And incidentally, if you have any family history of cholesterol – even if you don’t – get yourself checked.  Not out of fear; but to have good information in a timely fashion.  If you know a potential problem exists, you can act to neutralize it before it rears up to bite you.)

_MG_8869Driving in this morning, the skies were mostly clear.  What clouds there were stretched high and thin, wisping overhead from horizon to midsky.  And even an hour before sunrise colors were showing; namely, a dark burnt orange on the north-eastern horizon.  With the temperatures in the low forties, all the potentials were there for some significant and vivid hues.

The reds were showing by twenty to sunrise; walking the topline of the ridge by then, the shades were too good to pass up, and I caught some incidental shots on the way to the eastern overlook.  Now, by sunrise itself most of the best color had faded, but the lead-up was magnificent.  If not for the fourteen mph winds, the morning would have been ideal.  As it was, I was wishing for my heavier winter coat and hooded sweatshirt.

_MG_8890The winds still enhanced the morning, though.  An adult and a subadult Bald Eagle were drifting around overhead – they got close enough for Bobbie and me to see individual feathers more than once.  Kind of makes me wish for an additional setting on my camera; one where I can set a lower ISO and longer shutter speed for the sunrise, and then a switch to flip to a second preset with a higher ISO and shutter speed so passing eagles aren’t just dark blobby blurs in the frame.

Wonder if manufacturers offer a perk like that on the higher-end cameras?

Two panoramics today; so often the color is far better twenty, fifteen, even ten minutes before sunrise, then terribly blah once the sun clears the horizon!

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